I just got back from the recording of a TV program where I was invited as an animal rights activist to discuss various topics. The other guest was retired Magistrate Denis Montebello who is now the new Commissioner for Animal Rights.   The program, called ‘Insights’ will be aired this Sunday on TVM at 10:30pm with a repeat on Monday morning.

It was a good discussion with various points made but at the end of it, the presenter, Glen Falzon, asked me ‘hasn’t this fight for animal rights been going on for way too long?’

Of course my answer was a downright ‘yes!!’ This fight has definitely been going on for way too long, but clearly, it hasn’t been long enough, because, we still treat animals like property, we still have no proper respect for them and many still have a hard time believing that they too are sentient beings.

Until all this changes, the fight will go on.

  • Until we can call animal welfare for help and rest assured that the rescue will take place in a timely and adequate manner, the fight will go on.
  • Until we can rest assured that a rescued animal is taken to a proper sanctuary, and not a sorry excuse of a dog pen, the fight will go on.
  • Until we can sleep easy knowing that animal welfare will do everything in their power to save the lives of innocent animals, and not cut corners to put them down, the fight will go on.
  • Until horses don’t have adequate shelter, proper watering stations and controlled working conditions, the fight will go on.
  • Until the number of dogs and cats being abandoned on our streets every year goes down to zero, the fight will go on.
  • And until we have pumas and lions and other wildlife living in cages, the fight will go on.

As things stand, the situation looks bleak and the chances of all of the above happening in my lifetime, seem highly unlikely. In fact despite having an animal welfare directorate, an animal welfare council and a commissioner for animal rights, the situation still looks pretty depressing, so yes the fight will have to go on for a much longer.

In the meantime however let’s not despair. Let’s look at the bright side and congratulate AAA for an incredible initiative that they’ve somehow managed to pull off – a free neutering and chipping campaign for dogs.

Getting the majority of our dogs chipped and neutered is the best chance we have to curb abandonment, neglect, and abuse. So please spread the word. Against all odds, AAA raised the funds and partnered up with four veterinary clinics around the island and are offering this service for free.

Neutering and chipping a dog usually costs around €150 per dog and now it’s being offered for FREE.

Neutering allows your dog to live a longer and healthier life. It eases their temperament and territorialism and eliminates the chance of unwanted pregnancies and unwanted puppies. In bitches, neutering also reduces the risk of uterine and breast cancer. In males it reduces the risk of testicular cancer and greatly reduces the chance of prostate disease, two extremely common and serious problems of older male dogs.

Make the right choice! Don’t let it be too late! Contact AAA today on 79730921 or message them through Facebook or Instagram @AAA_Malta

If you would like to donate towards AAAs neutering campaign (it costs an arm and a leg to offer all this for free), pleas donate on these SMS numbers:

5061 7350 – €2.33
5061 8060 – €4.66
5061 8910 – €6.99
5061 9200 – €11.65

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