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I started off this post by asking ‘what the f*** is wrong with people?’ but then I realised that it was people who turned the situation around.

As I was on my walk with Suki on Friday, I found this little one abandoned in B’kara – Stazzjon Gardens.

Three people had already spotted it and came rushing towards me for help. One of them got a blanket, another tried to feed it and another held Suki whilst I made some calls for help.

Clearly this poor baby is an overbred pure breed who, given it’s sorry state was abandoned quite a while ago. Thankfully, within minutes of calling we had CSAF [Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines} coming to the rescue and drove it straight to a vet.

This cat will need a lot of medical care and attention. He’s got a bad eye and a skin condition (tal-biki).

I for one have made a donation to the sanctuary right now. Please join me and help CSAF make the difference they so generously make everyday.
Paypal  [email protected]
SMS  5061 9243  €11.65 | 5061 8069  €4.66 | 5061 7353  €2.33
BOV  400 198 762 98

This little one has now been named Benny. He is being cared for by Joyce Scerri – an angel from CSAF [Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines} who came to his rescue within minutes of me making an appeal. Yesterday, he was taken to a vet and found to be a 7 year old unneutured male Persian Chinchilla.

Apart from being severely underweight, having an eye infection and a very low immune system, he seems to be in good health and his prognosis is very good.

Benny was then taken to the lovely Maria Jenkins who washed him, groomed him and dressed him in a warm top that makes him look ravishing (don’t you think?)

There’s a long list of people wanting to adopt Benny but  for now he will stay with Joyce until all his ailments are healed. Thanks to your generous donations, he’s got his own bed, hot water bottle, and is also on a special diet that will help him recover faster.

It seems that Benny’s story will end well, but I can’t repeat this enough  – be responsible! Don’t encourage breeders to do this sort of thing by buying animals. Whenever possible please adopt.

Granted, some breeders are more responsible than others, but the truth is, when people use animals to make money, in any way, you cannot trust them a 100%, so don’t.

Please continue donating so that these miracle stories continue to happen.

Paypal  [email protected]
SMS  5061 9243  €11.65 | 5061 8069  €4.66 | 5061 7353  €2.33
BOV  400 198 762 98

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