This video could easily be mistaken for an idyllic snapshot of a Friday morning in Qawra… sunrise, calm seas, birds chirping, ducks quacking.

Sadly it isn’t.

Sadly, it is someone’s attempt to capture on video, hunters  trapping and shooting ducks at the Ta’ Fra Ben area in Qawra. According to a report on LovinMalta,  hunters were using plastic ducks in the sea to lure and trap other ducks into swimming into the beach, and then shooting them.

Because the law stipulates that it is illegal to hunt within 50 metres of a main road, 50 metres of a beach, or 200 metres of a residential area,  someone called the Qawra Police Station to report this and according to LovinMalta he was passed on to the ALE Section and all he got was “a very arrogant person brushing him off and saying that they had far more serious matters to take care. They told him they were too busy with the magistrate cases to actually bother about this nonsense.”

LovinMalta have now asked The Malta Police Force for more information and an official statement. I hope that they have more luck than me in getting this, because this is the response I got from the Malta Police Force when I asked for more information about a particular case.   Then, following that non response I tried to make use of the Freedom of Information Act to try to get more info.  This was the response I got then.

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  • Maria Williams says:

    You are right to call the situation desperate when an officer whose duty it is to uphold the law, describes law-breaking as a ‘nonsense’! Did the caller ask for the number of the person answering the call at ALE? Callers have a right to do so and the reaction one gets is often different if the person answering the phone knows he/she will not remain anonymous!

    If the ALE is ‘too busy’ to do the work for which it was originally created, that is to fight crime against the environment, (, maybe staffing levels should be examined. However, quality is as important as quantity, if the police officers chosen are themselves hunters, one wonders whether the temptation would be to sympathise with fellow hunters. One would hope that they would put duty first and react appropriately, but, unfortunately, a strong element of doubt still remains.

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