After a vociferous couple of months writing incessantly on this blog, you might have thought that for the past couple of weeks, I disappeared from the face of the earth.

Don’t be fooled; I haven’t.

I spent the last couple of weeks (against my better judgment) talking to and meeting with, politicians from either side to try to better the situation of animal welfare in this country.

I spent the past couple of weeks writing to the Director of Animal Welfare, The Commissioner for Animal Rights, the Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, the spokesperson for the same Ministry, the Health Directorate and even the Prime Minister himself, all in the hope that things can be improved.

To date things haven’t. In fact I dare say they’ve got worse. But promises (many promises) have been made.

I’ve also spent the past couple of weeks working with other animal activists and groups, collecting eyewitness reports of unimaginable cruelty, neglect and apathy as well as photographic and video evidence of the dire situation that we have on our hands.

So bear with me, and believe that even when I’m not writing, I Will Not Go Away.

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  • Juliana says:

    It’s disgraceful to allow this form of cruelty to carry on an embarrassment to our country animals have every right to live in a decent environment too. We’ve come a long way but this takes us back to the Roman Empire.

  • Phyllis Camilleri says:

    we must do something fast , like some kind of protest.

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