If you feel helpless about not being able to help stop
animal cruelty and suffering, do not despair!
You can help in numerous ways.

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Why does it always have to come to this?

Updated here Yesterday, Animal activist Maxine Borg, published a heart wrenching story about a man who was keeping animals, in the rain and sun, tied…
Alison Bezzina
November 11, 2019

Final update on Persy – pitiful but true

Remember Persy? Persy is an adorable English Setter who on the 4th June of this year, was found barely alive, in a skip at Wasteserv…
Alison Bezzina
October 18, 2019

Don’t make me pull out my magic wand

There are many reasons why I advocate so strongly for animal rights but the first and most important one is that no matter where you…
Alison Bezzina
September 1, 2019