If you feel helpless about not being able to help stop
animal cruelty and suffering, do not despair!
You can help in numerous ways.

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Dog killers are killers. Full Stop.

Last year (2019), Animal Welfare received 819 reports of potential abuse and neglect. Out of all of these reports, only 29 cases were put forward…
Alison Bezzina
May 15, 2020

Dead Swans at San Anton Gardens

This morning it was revealed on Facebook that two beautiful swans that lived at San Anton Gardens, Attard, have died. The swans lived in different…
Alison Bezzina
May 6, 2020

COVID-19 sucks but I’m grateful for it

I’m stuck inside, I’m having weird dreams, I can’t visit my beloved brother, I haven't met my friends in a month, I'm feeling every symptom…
Alison Bezzina
April 15, 2020

5 things you need to know about COVID19 and animals

There's so much being said about COVID19 and not merely enough about how our pets come into all this.  Whilst this might not be everybody’s top…
Alison Bezzina
March 14, 2020
Lydia AbelaUncategorized

The situation still sucks…but

Sometimes we need to regroup and reassess and since I’ve been quite silent since New Year’s Day, this is what you might have thought I…
Alison Bezzina
February 9, 2020