Following the set of 12 questions sent to the Government’s spokesperson for the Environment on the 24th January,  we have finally received a wishy-washy extra vague reply.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much better, in fact I’m surprised they replied at all, and since the email came in at around 8pm, I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the pressure that was being laid on them on Facebook at that time.

In essence the reply goes around in circles not addressing the questions directly, and insinuating that the many reports and testimonies that have reached this website are concocted, exaggerated or downright untrue.

At this point it’s our word against theirs, so the next step we are going to take is to compile a list of first hand experiences from people who have witnessed the exact opposite experience of the below.

So please, if you think that the below reply is BS, and are ready to stand up and show your face, contact me on [email protected] or via messenger on FB, and let me know.

Reply from Mr. Sean Schembri, received on the 29th January, 2019, at  7:58pm.

Dear Ms. Bezzina,

With reference to your questions, please note that the Animal Welfare Directorate reiterates that under no circumstance animals kept under its care are being malnourished or maltreated. The Animal Welfare Directorate currently employs two qualified Veterinary Officers who regularly monitor the health and body score condition of the animals kept under its care at the Għammieri Farm. Moreover, when there are cases where animals require particular treatment and medical attention, the Animal Welfare Directorate has an agreement with the APH Ltd. hospital and are referred to this hospital for such specialised treatment.

The dogs are regularly taken out for walks by the Animal Welfare Carers, volunteers and also MCAST students although any assistance from volunteers is welcome so that dogs are taken out more regularly as much as possible. This is also in view that during the past year the number of dogs rescued increased considerably. With respect to feeding kindly note that the Veterinary Officers can confirm that the feed given to the animals is of good quality and are fed twice a day unless VETs recommend otherwise.

With respect to the 698 dogs rescued in 2018, kindly note that out of the said number, around 500 dogs were re-homed. The Directorate also operates a 24/7 ambulance service.

As highlighted in my last communication the Animal Welfare Directorate is always open for suggestions as part of its continous service improvement. Apart from the maintenance work that is currently being carried out in the pens, the Animal Welfare Directorate is working on other initiatives in order to continue improving the service offered.

Kind Regards

Sean Schembri
Government Spokesperson

+35623886110  [email protected]  |

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  • Rachael says:

    I think people should volunteer and go and look for themselves, see if they are allowed over the other side of the road to walk the other dogs . This will then settle the topic of how the dogs are kept at AW and if all areas are open to the public .

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