On the 31st of October there was a story in the papers about a French 25 year old woman who was arrested for alleged animal cruelty, and arraigned in court within hours of the alleged crime.  Since a lot of cases of animal cruelty and abuse are sat on for months, if not years, I was amazed at the promptness of the police in this particular case.

As a concerned and interested citizen, as well as an independent journalist, the next day I asked the director of animal welfare Mr. Noel Montebello to throw some light on the matter.  He promptly directed me to the Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Clint Camilleri, who to date, has not replied to my question.

I also asked the police to clarify what the circumstances leading to the accused being arrested and arraigned so quickly were.

It has taken a phone call, three emails, and nine days for the police to come up with this (non) response.

“Please note that the prosecuting officer decides whether a person is arraigned by way of arrest or by citation, on a case by case basis and according to the relevant provisions of the law.”

Following this (non) response I replied as follows :

Thank you for your reply.  I was hoping that as part of the Malta Police Force’s efforts to educate the public, you could elaborate a little bit more on this case, more specifically what were the circumstances and provisions of the law that led the prosecuting officer to have this person arraigned by way of arrest with such urgency.

And this was their final (non) response :

Kindly note that the criminal action in Malta is vested in the executive Police as already indicated on our previous reply.

Have a look at the original correspondence here, and if you have the slightest idea what their response means (apart from an attempt to wiggle their way out of a proper answer and an opportunity to educate the public) please enlighten me.)

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