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I’ve been holding back from writing this post because in principle Animal Welfare was set up precisely to help stray animals, but I’m hearing and receiving so many reports from different people with horror stories that I cannot but conclude that for AW, saving animals has now turned into bloody murder.


For legal reasons I will say that I might be wrong, but these are the 6 FACTS that have led me to this conclusion:

FACT 1: when you call Animal Welfare to help you with a stray cat, even if you’ve been feeding that stray for years, and have cared for it in every way, and even if you offer to pay for extras that the stray might need, you automatically relinquish every right to decide the cat’s fate.

FACT 2: If AW picks up a stray cat they take it to APH to be checked. When you call APH for updates about said cat, APH will not give you any information about it, because now that cat ‘belongs’ to AW and they will only give info to them (using the Data Protection Act as a justification)

FACT 3: If the cat is lucky enough to survive the torturous ambulance ride. APH will share their diagnosis and prognosis with AW, and they decide whether the cat is worth saving or not.

FACT 4: AW will blame APH vets for deciding to put a cat down, but the truth is that APH vets have a set of criteria set out by AW on which they base the fate of a stray cat.

FACT 5: Most of the time APH will call AW’s management for instructions (a go ahead) on whether to put a cat down or not.

FACT 6: Putting a cat down costs AW a mere €40. This is one of the cheapest procedures on the APH price list. Every other procedure is more expensive. In addition, once euthanised, AW don’t have to worry about vaccines, feeding and homing yet another cat.

Based on these 6 facts I’ll leave it up to you to conclude what is actually happening, especially when cases like the one below keep popping up in my inbox and newsfeed on a daily basis.

Whilst the cat had a healed broken pelvis and walked a bit funny – an injury that the feeder knew about for about 8 months, these videos were taken just a couple of days before the cat was collected by AW and put down. Look at the cat jump down, run funnily but happily and socialise.  This is the cat APH and AW deemed too ‘injured’ to be saved!

If you have a similar story please write in, let us document all these and build a stronger case.


“L-Animal Welfare rċeviet telefonata l-Ħadd 2 ta’ Ġunju 2019 fil-10:45 li kien hemm qattus li kellu ġrieħi f’siequ. L-ambulanza ġabret il-qattus fil-11.05 u ħaditu l-APH Ltd.  Il-vet tal-APH Ltd raqqad il-qattus minħabba l-ġrieħi estensivi li sofra, liema ġrieħi kienu meqjusa ktiriċi minn professjonisti u għaldaqstant ittieħdet id-deċiżjoni b’mod immedjat. Id-Direttorst jappella bis-sħiħ li meta pesuni jiltaqgħu ma’ annimali mweġġgħin jew involuti f’inċident għandhom jikkuntattjaw minnufih lil 1717.”

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  • Francesca says:

    ‼️ URGENT ‼️
    Yesterday I Found a Lovely Cat that’s needs help from the Vets, it was Sunday so no one was available so I decided to call ANIMALS WELLFARE , they came and they told me that if there was a chance for him they will save him , ( he could RUN, and he was very HUNGRY ) this morning a call them and they told me that the doctor decided to kill him ( I don’t say “sleep” because when you sleep you wake up ) because PROBABLY him has infection, PROBABLY him has ADIS and PROBABLY a tumor somewhere in his body!!!!!!
    Obviously that appears very strange to me ?
    So I ask them to show me the results! And they told me that they don t have any results, I told them ok call the doctor and ask him to send you now the results! But no for them that not possible ?
    I m so devastated!!!! And I hope him can forgive me !!!!
    I was ready to adopt him to give him the life that deserves!!!!! Beautiful and happy life with my two other cute cats !!!! But now I can t because him is not with us anymore

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