Chiko was shot allegedly by hunters when he strayed out of his owner’s fields

It’s been one of those months… not a day has gone by by without a case of animal neglect, abandonment, cruelty or abuse, hitting the headlines.

Everyone seems outraged and everyone is sad, but trust me, outrage and sadness won’t see any changes happen, not any time soon at least.

Animal rights and animal welfare have long taken a back burner in this country.  Ever since I was a child I had to fight tooth and nail against adults and then against authorities who would do nothing in the face of animal cruelty or neglect.

And now, that I’m hitting middle-age, the situation is not that different.

And as much as the authorities want us to believe that they are doing their best, we, the people, need to show them that we disagree, and also show them the extent of our rage for their inaction.

Remember  – as a country, as a society, we were able to go from being the most conservative, closed-minded bigots to the most liberal and tolerant in Europe; we were one of the first to introduce civil unions, gay marriage and gay adoptions, and lo and behold, we didn’t crumble under the disagreements.

We went from being a country with a long-running deficit to one of the very few European countries with a budget surplus.

And we went from being a country that could not even discuss divorce civilly, to introducing it in one smooth move, never to bother about it again.

These are clear examples that when leaders lead properly, people follow and change happens.

And yet, when it comes to animal conditions, welfare and enforcement, the authorities keep dragging their feet. Administration after administration has looked at animal cruelty and abuse straight in the face and got on with its business.

The responsibility to make change happen lies squarely on the shoulders of the relevant authorities – the Police Force, Animal Welfare, the Law Courts, the relevant Minister, Parliamentary Secretary,  the Prime Minister – but it is the people’s responsibility to let them know that this is something that needs their full, undivided and immediate attention.

Here are the top people we need to make our voice heard to :

Minister Hon. Jose Herrera – [email protected]
Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Clint Camilleri – [email protected]
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat – [email protected]
Animal Welfare Director Mr. Noel Montebello –

And here are some template letters/emails that you can use to build your own letters.

The Power is Yours – use it!

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  • Petra Bonello says:

    terrible; am speechless;things won’t change unless people are held accountable for their actions. Animals can’t vote but we can….and there are plenty of animal lovers in Malta and Gozo

  • Sheila Duncan says:

    Since moving back to this beloved island, I have been utterly overwhelmed not only by the number of cases of abuse to animals but, more shockingly still, the lack of prosecution by the authorities. Prevention is better than cure. Prosecution would, naturally, serve as the first deterrent to these insane criminals. The second deterrent would be a monitoring of suspicious cases by the authorities. There are numerous calls made daily by loving, caring citizens. Yet, nothing seems to be done.
    There are so many more animal lovers than abusers here. Many of whom devote time away from home, sweat, heartbreak and, often, great risk in their endeavours to counteract these crimes. I commend these angels with all my heart.
    This country’s history is one of valour, honour, kindness and justice. The latter being blatantly lacking in this current climate.
    There are monsters all over the world and we will probably never be free of the evils of this kind. However, Malta is lagging so far behind in the pursuit of justice and retribution that I feel only shame towards a modern European country that has turned a blind eye towards implementing a set legislature, investigation and prosecution towards this kind of constant heinous abuse towards innocent pets.

  • josephine bonello says:

    stop the cruelty ,they are living creatures like you and me

  • Annelise Coppini says:

    What a fucking shame. I hope the person who did this will rot in hell

  • Carol farrugia says:

    People not being prosecuted

  • Maria says:

    Disgusted and very sad , this bastard needs to be punished big time

  • Cristabel Cutajar says:

    justice !!

  • Vanessa borg says:


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