A few days ago we heard about the case of Percy – the adorable English Setter that was found within inches of his life in a skip. This beautiful dog that is not more than 18 months old was found with a huge gash on his back leg, so bad and so gravely infested that saving his life required an amputation.

When found, poor Percy must have been in the skip for days and had already lost a lot of blood. His state was so critical that there was a good chance he wouldn’t make it. But he did. Against all odds, Percy pushed through, he is now perfectly healed, even off his meds and full of energy. He is currently being fostered by a kind soul, until he finds the perfect family and forever home.

A big well done goes to the person who called animal welfare for help. Another well done goes to animal welfare for doing their job and collecting the dog immediately, and APH vets for giving it their all to save Percy.

But no pats on the back are being handed out to law enforcement. Those who are supposed to go after the perpetrators of animal cruelty and breaking the law seem to be doing f*** all.

Percy was found six weeks ago, and to date it seems that nothing is being done to catch the culprits of this hideous crime.

As difficult as it is to catch any criminal, in cases of animal cruelty and neglect, it does not seem like anyone is even trying.

Reliable sources have informed this website that Percy was found in a skip were there are CCTV cameras, but to our knowledge these have not been checked.

To our knowledge the public has not been asked for information, and Animal Welfare have not tried to put the fear of God in people who commit such crimes.

This is an email that I sent to The Animal Welfare Directorate, Hon Clint Camilleri and The Animal Welfare Commissioner yesterday.


As expected there’s been no response.

I’m now doing what Animal Welfare and their enforcement department should have done in the first place. I’m asking you, the public for any information that you might have about this case. Percy was found in a skip close to Wasteserve in Marsa. It was around 6 weeks ago and he was found with other animal remains.

This website is offering a monetary reward to anyone with information that leads to the culprit of this crime.

To start off with I’m offering €100. (July 10th – Reward is up to €250)

If you would like to contribute to this pledge and increase it, please contact me here. Should these cowardly criminals not be caught, the money will be donated to an animal sanctuary.

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