Dog faceFollowing this website’s efforts to improve the conditions of the animals kept by Animal Welfare at Għammieri, and following the Government’s spokesperson claim that everything is all right and honky dory, I have it on good authority that some changes have already started to be implemented in some of the dogs’ pens.

The new Commissioner for the Better Treatment of Animals, Magistrate Denis Montebello has confirmed that following our report, an investigation was launched which resulted in a thorough clean-up of Ghammieri as well as the start of urgent repairs.

This website is informed that the following improvements are currently happening in some of the pens.

  1. Painting of walls in some of the pens
  2. Electrical installations for heating the pens
  3. Bedding solution – they’re reusing a hotel’s old bedding and linen for continuous supply

These three things are so basic for animal comfort that it’s unbelievable that it had to take so much effort to get it going.  But we’re happy for small victories because every little difference will add up to a better life for the animals.

According to the Government’s spokesperson, Għammieri is open to the public 10.00 to 14.00 Monday to Sunday. So please feel free to visit, check for yourselves and report back to this website.

The next step is to get the dogs walked and fed more frequently (at the moment they are only fed once a day, and none are walked on a daily basis). We also want the dogs to be checked by vets more regularly.

Are you with me?

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