Retired Magistrate Denis Montebello, who is the new Commissioner for Animal Rights, appointed just a few months ago, has reiterated the same GRAVE issues that activists and animal lovers have been reporting forever and a day. We’re glad (and sad) that even Magistrate Montebello, and even after such a short time in his position as Commissioner for Animal Rights, has come to the same conclusions about the state of Animal Welfare in Malta, and we hope that now that it’s coming from the horse’s mouth, his advice and suggestions are taken seriously and in a timely manner. The upgrade that the Magistrate refers to in this interview with The Times of Malta only kicked off after massive public pressure, and has been going on for months. In the meantime, whilst the work is being done, the dogs are in even more crammed spaces and conditions. Had it been another Gov department, one that has more resources, these works could have been finished within a couple of weeks.

In addition to what Denis Montebello’s mentions in his interview there are these very serious shortcomings that need immediate attention :
✔️The animal ambulance is still short staffed making rescues impossible or at best very difficult.
✔️We still have no ACs in the animal ambulance – with summer round the corner.
✔️The Spokesperson for the ministry Sean Schembri does not reply to our questions and does not even acknowledge emails.
✔️Rescuers are given no information about their rescues once admitted to the hospital.
✔️It takes weeks for an inspection (about neglect or cruelty) to be done.
✔️Almost all the horse canopies and shelters that we fought so hard for are broken, cars are parking under them and have no water supply to relieve the horses.

When will the authorities start taking animal welfare seriously?

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