In July 2016, the government published a Bill aimed at banning keeping dogs chained to a stationary object or fitting them with collars that give electric shocks.

The proposed changes to the Animal Welfare Act came about after hundreds held a street march calling for stricter legislation while the Nationalist Party submitted a motion to Parliament in May to make the chaining of dogs for long periods illegal.

The issue came to the fore last April after a dog was found with a chain embedded in its neck.

The draft legislation also bans dogs from being kept tethered in buildings, pens and cages.

It will be illegal to tether, fasten, chain or restrain a dog to any stationary object as its primary means of confinement.

It is now October 2017, more than a whole year later, and the law has not yet been enacted.
During a live programme on TVM, Hon. Clint Camilleri (Parliamentary Sec for Animal Rights) promised that the law will be in place by 2018.

We can’t wait – can you?

WATCH the promise being made on Live TV

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  • I cannot understand why the government has been dragging its feet for so long.
    As I have often pointed out, the inister is empowered by the Animal Welfare Act to make any regulation he deems fit:
    “Part IV
    Caring of AnimalsCaring of animals. Amended by:XXXV. 2014.7.8.
    (1) The Minister may make regulations providing for themanner in which such species of animals as may be prescribed shallbe cared for, fed, watered, treated and trained, and thequalifications of persons who shall be responsible therefor.
    (2) Animals shall not be caused any unnecessary pain,suffering or distress and no animal shall be abandoned.”
    All it takes is a legal notice, which can be enforced with a stroke of the pen. There is no need to wait for a bill!

  • We need to look at all the suffering animals cats,dogs all of them animal lovers need to unite and go speak for the speechless. Even feeders even though they keep clean they are insulted and their strays are hit by cars or killed. We need help to neuter as most of us cannot specially old people

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