Remember Persy? Persy is an adorable English Setter who on the 4th June of this year, was found barely alive, in a skip at Wasteserv – a skip­ where dead animals are disposed of by vets and pet owners.  When found, Persy had a huge gash on his back leg, so bad and so gravely infested that saving his life required an amputation.

Here’s the final update on this case:

  • After the incident, not one, but two police reports where filed; one by myself and one by Animal Welfare.
  • Since then, a gazillion reminders were sent to the Commissioner of Police, the Minister for Justice, the Minister for The Environment and the Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights.
  • A gazillion calls were made to the Hamrun police station, the Marsa police station and the Paola police Station (because they couldn’t decide whose jurisdiction the case fell under).
  • On July 30th, this website offered a financial reward to encourage anyone with information about the case to come forward.
  • The reward kicked off at €100, and with everyone’s help, it ended up being €350.
  • For weeks, we waited for info to come in and/or for the police to tell us if the CCTV footage in the area was secured.
  • For weeks, we heard nothing.
  • Three whole months after the crime, it had become clear that this case was not being given the priority it deserves, and that at best, it was on the Police’s back burner.
  • During all this time, Persy was being fostered by a kind volunteer from the group Rescued is my Favourite Breed and had made a full recovery.
  • It was also during this time that another person, who lives in an idlic setting in Europe, came forward to adopt Persy offering him a dream life.
  • So, in September, it was decided that the funds that had been set aside as a reward for information, were to be donated to Rescued is My Favourite Breed,  in order to partially pay for Persy’s travel expenses.
  • And that’s what we did, and now Persy is in his ideal home, happy and healthy.
  • Soon after Persy’s departure, I got verbal feedback from the police that they had found no evidence to proceed against anyone. However, for some reason, I was not given the go ahead to inform my readers about this fact.
  • It took another couple of weeks, another gazillion emails, and the intervention of The Commissioner for Animal Rights, to finally get this pitiful email from the police on the 11th October:

Il-lejla t-tajba,

Naghmel referenza ghal-e-mail li ntbghatet lil PC228 G. Farrugia rigward update tar-rapport dwar sejba ta’ kelb haj fi skip gewwa l-wasteserv, il-Marsa.

Il-footages gew migbura izda ma kien hemm l-ebda camera li turi l-iskip fejn instab il-kelb.  Il-footages li huma disponibli huma l-boghod mill-imsemmija skip u ma tefawx hjiel fuq min ghamel dan l-att.

Gew mitkelma n-nies li dahlu jarmu gewwa l-wasteserv izda sfortunatament m’hemmx biz-zejjed provi biex jinbdew proceduri kriminali.


Translation :

Good evening

I refer to the email sent to PC 228 G. Farrugia regarding an update about the case of the dog found alive in a skip at Wasteserv, Marsa.

The footage was gathered but there was no camera pointing towards the skip where the dog was found. The footage taken is too far from the said skip and did not help in finding who committed this act.

We also spoke to the people who came in and out of wasteserve but we did not get enough proof to start any criminal proceedings.


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  • frank says:

    at least Percy s ordeal is over and he has a found a happy new life full of love. well done for the ones who cared for him and all involved in Percy finding a forever home. god bless you.

  • Phyllis Camilleri says:

    It was a shocking story but I’m so happy that Percy found a family who love him, thanks to you Alison.

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