Have a look at this Facebook post below. It’s a situation animal lovers have been facing forever and a day. Animal Welfare constantly and abusively use Data Protection as an excuse not to give concerned citizens information about injured strays that they would have rescued themselves.

Last month I asked Hon. Clint Camilleri in the presence of the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat about this ridiculous situation. They both seemed perplexed that it’s even happening and they both promised to look into it. But of course the situation seems to have remained the same.

Now let’s call a spade a spade. Why is do Animal Welfare use Data Protection as a convenient excuse ? What does it give them in return?

1. It discourages people from calling 1717 (which is likely to be what AW want because the service is seriously lacking in resources)

2. It exonerates AW and APH from any form of serious responsibility for the animals that are picked up by AW (which is likely to be what they want because who wants to be accountable in this country?)

3. It releases AW & APH and everyone else from the ‘burden’ of having to justify their decisions with regards to the animals brought in by AW (which is definitely what they want because who wants to have to justify anything?)

For the same reasons, AW use Data Protection as an excuse not to give about inspection follow ups (when you call to report abuse or neglect and want to find out what the outcome is).

Things need to change and they need to change now.
But what to do?
With elections around the corner, you know EXACTLY what to do!


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