COVID-19 sucks but I’m grateful for it

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I’m stuck inside, I’m having weird dreams, I can’t visit my beloved brother, I haven’t met my friends in a month, I’m feeling every symptom Profs Gauci mentions, and yet I’m grateful for these 10 most random (or not so random) things.

Let’s face it, I’m known to rub people the wrong way with my blogs, and most of the time I don’t worry about it, but this time, I did worry a little. In fact, I toyed with the idea of whether to publish this blog or not for days. But here I am, publishing because, yes COVID-19 sucks but I’m grateful for these things, to mention a few.

1. I’m grateful that this bloody thing is not in our air or in our sun. Yes, I know that the damn particles hang in the air for a while, but it’s not like we can’t go out on our balconies or on our roofs! I think of this every time I go out into my terrace to sip my tea and water my plants (gosh! They’ve never had this much attention).


2. I’m grateful that this has hit us during peacetime and that there is no shortage of food. It’s not like we’re under fire, starving and fighting the plague, as many of our first world war ancestors had been.

3. I’m grateful that dogs and cats are not carriers and that even if they do get it, it does not affect them at all. Call me crazy but the idea of animals suffering because of a disease humans brought on to themselves by exploiting animals in the first place, would have been just a tad too much for me to stomach. Yes I know some people are worried, but if you’re worried about getting it from a dog or a cat you might as well be worried about getting it from your coffee table, your box of teabags or your desk chair, because the only way you can get COVID-19 from an animal is in the same way you’d get it from touching an infected surface. So chill, and love your animals; cherish them, and as hard as this is to do (believe me I’d rather go hungry) avoid petting other people’s dogs and cats.


4. I’m grateful that this crisis has somehow triggered a very positive change in Malta’s Animal Welfare Department. You know I’ve been complaining and cursing about their non-action for years, and whilst things are not perfect yet, I have to say that they’ve stepped up and I’ve seen some significant improvements and changes.  It’s clear that there’s been a change in Ministerial administration which has made a huge difference and that someone who matters is FINALLY listening. But just in case this change is temporary I will withhold complete judgement for when this crisis is over. In the meantime, though, I’m so very grateful that they’re lessening the suffering of so many animals.

5. I’m grateful that we live in an era and a country with a top-notch healthcare system and that I’m not the one fleeing my country trying to find a safe haven for my family. I’m certainly not grateful that we can’t or won’t let these people in, but that’s for another blog.


6. I’m grateful for video chats, text messages, video conferencing, Facetime, Facebook and everything else that makes socialising and working from home possible. I had never video chatted with my family before this crisis, and we love it.

7. I’m grateful that this situation has forced businesses to experience employees working from home. I’m hoping that some businesses won’t go back to how it used to be, as this would be great for the environment, our family lives and our sanity.

8. I’m grateful for being quarantined with someone I like (most of the time), in a place that I don’t hate and with an outdoor space that keeps me sane.

9. I’m grateful that Suki’s vet is still available online because this means that I get to sleep at night.

10. And last but certainly not least, I’m grateful for people’s generosity. This situation brought with it many many challenges. One of them was having to support cat feeders who are struggling financially and with many of them being senior citizens should try to stay home.

Three weeks ago, an incredible group of animal lovers launched a cat food fund to help support these amazing people, and the public’s support has been incredible. Borg Cardona Food Supplies is subsidising the cost of the food and to date, we have distributed 88 bags amongst 54 different feeders all over Malta and Gozo.

Hundreds of people have donated already and we now have a week’s worth of food still in the bank. But of course, we don’t know how long we’ll be in this situation but we’re hopeful that we can keep the food bank’s supply healthy enough to see us through this period, however long it takes.

Our aim is not to let any cat go hungry by supporting cat feeders who go out of their way all year to deliver these invaluable acts of kindness. If you would like to volunteer to replace a feeder please get in touch with me here.

To donate to the cat food fund please Revolut whatever you can on 77654321.  You can also send a donation via BOV Mobile Pay on the same number 77654321.

PLEASE NOTE – when you donate via Revolut or BOV Pay, WE DO NOT GET YOUR NUMBER OR CONTACT DETAILS. This means that as much as we’d love to, we cannot send you a thank you or an acknowledgement. It’s just a limitation of the technology. But we’re sending you virtual hugs in advance. Thank you

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