Remember Belle, previously known as Bianca  – she’s a senior white boxer who was abandoned because her owner was admitted to a retirement home. As friendly and loving as ever, Belle was rescued and very quickly taken to a foster home, but it was soon discovered that her medical status was not all good. Belle was suffering from benign tumours all over her body – a very common condition in this breed. Despite this condition, the vet said she had a lot of life in her and that with the right care and an expensive operation, she has many more years ahead of her.

But to make matters worse these tumours where also in her mouth not permitting her to eat properly. Clearly this was an urgent situation that needed to be taken care of first, but before her carers even got this far, Belle developed intestinal problems as well.  This meant that she had to be put on special medication and special food which, unfortunately, is quite costly, and which her foster mum could not afford.

In came Borg Cardona & Co Ltd and Royal Canin to the rescue.  This lovely company sponsored 120 tins of the food that Belle needs, covering a 2 month period, by the end of which we’re hoping that Belle would have recovered.  This amazing dog is already showing big signs of improvement and we couldn’t be more grateful to Borg Cardona & Co Ltd for coming to the rescue. On behalf of Belle, her carers and all the readers of this blog, we thank you wholeheartedly.

This company and companies that support our fury friends like this, deserve our support in return.

Thank you.

If you’re interested in giving Belle a forever home, a home she deserves and one which will see her through her senior years, please contact Rescued is My Favourite Breed on Facebook.

Should you wish to contribute towards Belle’s treatment or other expenses please get in touch with me here.



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    ? to Borg Cardona & Co ltd and Royal Canin, the best food for our fury family members ??????

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