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This morning when I went to Gnien l-Istazzjon I met a guy who informed me that he had just spread rat poison in the soiled areas of the garden.

When I expressed my concern for the cats who live in the garden, he informed me that he was only following orders issued by the Local Council of Birkirkara. Please note that the Mayor of this council as well as the councillors claim to be animal lovers.

I informed the cat feeder in the area and she got in touch with the local council about the matter. After denying any knowledge of having sent this man to place poison, the council finally admitted it was someone from the council who issued the order (it’s still not clear exactly whom though.)

Within the hour, the same man was sent back to the garden to re-collect the red poison bags but of course having spread out so many, the man can’t be sure that he has collected all of them.

So please be careful with your dogs and children and let’s pray that the cats don’t find the remaining ones. The poison is in the form of red bags as seen in the pic below, and it’s been spread in the soiled areas.

Thank you Birkirkara local council for being so thoughtful and animal friendly!!! (NOT)

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