On the 17th January the Government’s spokesperson within the Ministry for the Environment, Mr. Sean Schembri finally answered a grievous complaint that was made by a volunteer against the department of animal welfare .

Among other things the allegation made by Ms. Arpa claimed that the area in which dogs are kept in Għammieri – Animal Welfare, is ‘a hell hole, so much so that prospective adopters… left from there in tears.”

The same allegation claimed that the director (of AW) got himself a state of the art office with beautiful furniture whilst leaving the situation of the dogs under the AW’s care in a dire situation.

Following that complaint, this copy-and-paste response took the government 18 days to formulate and is so clearly coming from someone who has absolutely no authority to do or change anything except to try to save face.

When I first received the response I was so aghast and angry that at the time I decided not to answer and to leave the situation in the good hands of the new Commissioner for Better Treatment of Animals – retired Magistrate Dennis Montebello.

But now, a week later, with temperatures hitting their lowest, and with no clear promises or plans for change, it’s time for some real answers.

So here’s my public response to Mr. Sean Schembri. This has also be sent to him via email. Feel free to chase for answers on [email protected]gov.mt .


Dear Mr. Schembri,

Thank you for your reply. May I start by pointing out that your very very first statement is wrong. You state that “it is undisputed that the Animal Welfare Directorate (as an organisational structure) and more so its officers, continuously strive to give the best possible care to animals at its custody.”

I hereby VERY STRONGLY DISPUTE this statement.  Even though, like many others,  I wish I didn’t have to, I do. I vehemently dispute it.

But of course, my reasons could be wrong; of course all the information and evidence sent to me over the past weeks could have been concocted in some contorted attempt to undermine AW . If this is the case, then you should have no problems answering the below questions in a timely manner and to share evidence to the contrary.

Here are my questions, I look forward to your replies :

  1. What is the temperature in the dogs’ pens right now?
  2. What is the temperature in your office / home right now ?
  3. How often are the dogs taken out for a walk?
  4. How often are the dogs fed?
  5. How often are puppies fed?
  6. How often are the dogs bathed?
  7. Is there access to warm water inside the pens or wherever the dogs are bathed?
  8. How regularly are the dogs checked by a vet?
  9. Who are the vets employed by animal welfare (if any)?
  10. How many hours a day are the dogs alone without human contact?
  11. You say that during 2018 AW rescued 698 dogs – how many carers are employed with the AW Directorate and what qualifies them to do so ?
  12. Have you personally ever visited the ta l-Ajkla section at Animal Welfare in Ghammieri ?


Alison Bezzina

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  • Jennifer Pace says:

    We need a reply now . This has prolonged for too long. Not truely showing that your animal lovers . How can you even sleep at night knowing that defenceless animals are kept in such conditions!

  • Hubert Pace Decesare says:

    Re Alison Bezzina we want answers and we want them now.
    I have been following Alison Bezzina’s letter and am very interested in your reply to her 12 questions as I am an animal lover.

  • Sylvana Dalli says:

    Pls help us help the innocent fur baboes as soon as possible they are suffering abused hungry sick …..plssssss help us help them immedietly

  • Madeleine Darmanin says:

    Mr Sean Schembri I am very very disappointed in your lack of protection and care towards the poor helpless and voiceless creatures that are at AW Ghammieri. Instead of helping them and improving their situation you choose to ignore especially at this time when the weather is at its worst cold and wet and humid. I honestly hope that you find it somewhere in your heart ( if you look in deeply ) to take serious action to improve and help these animals which are there innocently pleading for help with sorrowful eyes.

  • Gerardine saliba says:

    We are still waiting Mr. Schembri

  • Gerardine Saliba says:

    Mr. Schembri we want answers and action please

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