Following a letter that was sent to the Police Commissioner, asking for an update on the case of the alleged killing of the kitten at a Golden Sands restaurant, the activist group, Animal Defence League Malta, held a meeting with Hon. Mario Galea MP.

During the meeting Hon. Mario Galea said that he understood the activists’ frustrations and offered a helping hand by tabling the following Parliamentary Questions:
Hon. Mario Galea asked the Home Affairs Minister Dr. Hon Michael Farrugia – in the case of the alleged beating and killing of the kitten in a restaurant at Golden Sands…

  1. How many police reports have been filed?
  2. When were they filed?
  3. How many people did the police speak to and/or interrogated in their investigation?
  4. Have the police retrieved any CCTV footage from the restaurant where the cat was found dead, and from the vicinity?

The questions are expected to be answered when Parliament reconvenes in October.


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