It’s been a while since my last post, and some of you have asked (given that there isn’t a lack of animal related issues to write about), what I’ve been waiting for to update my blog.

Well, here it is, here’s what I’ve been waiting for:

        1. I’ve been waiting for Shawn Pete Azzopardi to sue me for this blog which he claims to be untrue or half true, but I guess I will die waiting because it is not untrue in any way.


        1. I’ve been waiting for the Malta Kennel Club to explain why they make use of a loophole in the law to allow dogs with cropped ears and docked tails to compete and win in their competitions when the procedures are inhumane and therefore illegal to perform in Malta.


        1. I’ve been waiting for Hon Clint Camilleri to pass the bill that will enable us to free chained dogs all over the country. The bill was published in July 2016 but to date, it has not been enacted. Hon Camilleri had promised, on national TV, that he would do this in the early days of 2018. Here’s the promise being made here. And here’s the full background to the story.


        1. I’ve been waiting for the Office of The President or the MCCFF to give us an update on the money collected during the Citrus Festival held in January. As you recall, the MCCFF promised to dedicate the Citrus Festival to raise funds for animal NGOs, when they complained that they cannot benefit from L-istrina funds. Even though I don’t expect it to be much, to date we’re still waiting to find out what was raised.


        1. I’ve been waiting for the B’kara Local Council to reply to my email in which I asked them what provisions have been taken to safeguard the cat colony that has been living at L-Istazzjon Gardens for years, but before I knew it I saw bulldozers going in destroying the cats’ makeshift shelters and locking feeders out. This is the same garden where Benny was found. To date I have heard nothing back from the council, and cat lovers are collecting these containers (see pic on the left) to make new ones.


        1. I’ve also been waiting for Hon Clint Camilleri and Hon Jose Herrera to fix the mess they created with the Animal Welfare Committee. The committee was appointed in January, but then, last week, animal NGOs were given 24 hours to select representatives to sit on it after they complained they were not represented (as the law demands). Read more here


        1. I’ve been waiting for Animal Welfare to change its procedures so that cases like this don’t happen again.


        1. I’ve been waiting for Air Malta or any other airline to take the lead and realise that pet travel restrictions are inhumane, unfair and a complete rip off. Read more here


        1. I’m also still waiting for the long overdue pet cemetery or crematorium that was promised by the Government moons ago. The Gov tender for this job was issued in April 2016, and yet nothing has been delivered yet.  Thankfully Island Sanctuary have stepped up to offer an alternative.


      1. And as of today, I’m also waiting for the police to take action against the people who abandoned Daniela.  This dog was re-homed after her original owner passed away, but allegedly, the new owners threw her out on the streets after a few days.
        I Will Not Go Away



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