Why does it always have to come to this?

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Yesterday, Animal activist Maxine Borg, published a heart wrenching story about a man who was keeping animals, in the rain and sun, tied on a construction site without adequate shelter.

Sadly, Ms. Borg had already reported the case to Animal Welfare on the 26th October, but no action had been taken until, she uploaded a video of the same man allegedly beating one of his dogs.

Soon after this video was uploaded on Facebook, Animal Welfare officers together with the Police, went on site and confiscated 3 dogs – 2 Rottweilers and a Chihuahua – as well as some rabbits. TVM reported that the animals were found in a bad state.

As I always say, I’m under no illusion that we’ll ever rid ourselves of such sick and cruel people, but not having a decent authority to turn to when these things happen, is absolutely unacceptable.

The Directorate for Animal Welfare is paid from our taxes. It has many many people on its books, and yet this keeps happening over and over again. As things stand, and from what we know till now, it seems that AW have once again failed in their job, to the detriment of poor innocent animals. However, as always, there might be another side to this story, so here’s what journalists should actually be asking at this point :

  1. This case was first reported to the Animal Welfare Directorate on the 26th October. The confiscation happened on the 10th November. Was an inspection conducted between the 26th October and the 10th November?
  2. If an inspection was not conducted, why not?
  3. If an inspection was in fact conducted, why weren’t the animals confiscated before this alarming video was uploaded on Facebook?
  4. Will the person responsible for this grave breach of the Animal Welfare Act be prosecuted for cruelty, not chipping one of his dogs, negligence and chaining ?
  5. If the person responsible will be prosecuted, please forward arraignment details (date, time, Magistrate)
  6. Will Animal Welfare push to ban this man from ever owning other animals ?
  7. In April 2019, the Commissioner for Animal Welfare, Mag Denis Montebello, recommended the setting up of a ‘Court Section’ within The Animal Welfare Directorate to deal with legal prosecutions such as this one. Has there been any progress in this regard?

These questions have been sent directly to The Director Of Animal Welfare – Mr. Noel Montebello, the Ministry’s Spokesperson for the Media, Mr. Sean Schembri, and the Parliamentary Secretary Hon Clint Camilleri.

Now, their usual tactic is to ignore my emails, but as you all know I WILL NOT GO AWAY.

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